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The whispering of the stars
Digital exhibition Visions, Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels from 5 to 27 October 2017
Video installation, video totem of 12 flat screens, metal structure surrounded by ribbons, recovery materials. 
Soundtrack by LeRobot with the voices of Emk'all Eyongakpa and Manzè Beaubrun.



The Whispering of the Stars

is a 7m50 high video installation, shaped into a totem of 12 screens (3 on each side) around which the spectator is invited to turn around. The metallic structure is surrounded by fabrics of different colors in the manner of “Pake Kongo”, a ritual object of Haitian voodoo. The vertically hung screens showed images of the great annual voodoo pilgrimage in Saut d’Eau, Haiti.

Each year thousands of pilgrims from all over of the country and from abroad come to the sacred fall of Saut d'Eau to make requests to the “loas” (Voodoo spirits) or to fill up with energy for a year. In the Haitian voodoo tradition, it is said that the year begins on July 16th.

For the installation Whisper of the Stars, the videos shot were edited and mixed with other images of African or Buddhist ritual objects. On the structure were hung statues of Catholic saints, small straw chairs found in Voodoo sanctuaries in Haiti. At the ends of the installation tubes were attached bird feathers.


The video installation aims at becoming a kind of artistic ritual object, which seeks to bring art, humans, spirits, stars, cosmos into dialogue. The soundtrack is bewitching and hypnotic.


The installation is an invitation to meditation, to silence because it is in the interior silence that we can hear what the spirits, the stars, the cosmos have to whisper to us.

Artwork technical description




12 flat screens (approximately 51 inches diagonal) are hung on 7-meter-high tower sitting on a 3-meter square base. Each side of the rectangle tower holds 3 flat screens at different heights.


The metal structure is coated with fabrics of 4 different colors. In various places are hung and attached straw, sculptures of Catholic saints, small straw chairs and small African sculptures. Feathers are hung at the ends of the structure tubes.


The images were shot with 4 different cameras: a Gopro for going into the water, Canon C100, a Lumix for 4K footage and an iPhone 7plus for slow motion and I use Final Cut Pro X and After Effect for editing and image processing.


All the film durations are different from one another, so the films running in a loop ensue the random and different combinations and associations of images that never stop.


The screens all broadcast different films, but in 3 screens, one screen situated on 3 sides, certain sequences are the same.


Since the spectator never sees the 12 screens at once, he is invited to walk around the installation in order to see 3 to 6 screens simultaneously.


Soft lighting illuminates the entire installation. 2 loudspeakers placed inside the installation air a single stereophonic sound from within.

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