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I violently hit my head on a glass to break it in this film. It was made in one take without repetitions, without cuts, without editing. A moment of truth. This performance where I put my body to a severe test is a metaphor for the social body, which can be a nation, like Haiti, which is in a process of self-destruction. In this process, the international community or “friendly” states come to help her bleed more or destroy herself like this doctor friend who helps me bleed. By putting myself in this way I also show the pain I feel by helplessly assisting in the destruction of my country. This inner cry needed to come out violently. The blood, not being able to gush as I thought by hitting myself on this window, I asked a doctor friend, who came to heal me after the performance, to help me get the blood out. This performance can also be perceived as an appeal to my compatriots who are part of this large social body or body that is currently sick, explaining that a change of state can only come from within and must be made in depth in each of us by sacrificing what is bad and breaking the ice, that is, the barriers between us, the people of this country, barriers inherited from the colonial system that inhibits us from freeing ourselves and evolve totally.

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