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Love is not a crime

Flat screen on a wood cross

In many countries people in the LGBT community are discriminated against or even sentenced because of their sexual orientation. But if the focus is on sexual orientation, we most often forget about love. The love that people can have for others of the same sex. And this love, they want to condemn it. But love is not a crime. In Haiti, too, it is not easy to live one’s love. This video installation wants to show what we sometimes feel in a country where society can be tolerant, indulgent, accepting difference, loving, one day and hateful, intolerant towards certain members of their society, another day .


In a flat screen set on a wooden cross, is projected a video of faces of men and women face or profile. Alone or in couple.

In the room is also projected videos of a Haitian decor mixed with other images worked all the way to abstraction.


The  sound composed by LeRobot that accompanies it is a mix of ambient electronic music, sound effects of Haiti and voice on issues concerning LGBT in Haiti.

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