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Tragédie tropicale

It is this same energy and willingness (as the installation 36 Seconds) to bend the neck of preconceived ideas that infuse his aesthetic to Tragédie Tropicale (2014). By superimposing two levels of images, he evokes different levels of reflection: reality and spirituality, North-South relations, social inequalities, and belief systems, politics, and daily life. A creation that mixes two tensions: one serious, the other dazzling, to give still to feel differently.

Laurence d'Ist

art historian

Text published in the catalog of the exhibition Authentik Energie, 2014

Tragédie tropicale

Installation video, screen, barbed wire, soundtrack by LeRobot, 2014.

Private Collection


Video installation shown as part of the exhibitions: Invisibilités ostentatoires, curator Giscard Bouchotte - Fondation Clément Fort-de -France,  Noctambules, Forum AfricAmericA 2015 at Villa Kalewès, Pétion-Ville, curator : David Frohnapfel - Haïti, 200 ans de création artistique, Grand Palais, Paris fev. 2015, curators : Régine Cuzin, Mireille Pérodin-Jérome - Authentik Energie, Manoir Martigny, Suisse, mai 2014 / Authentik Energie,  Château du Val-Fleury, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, sept.-oct. 2014, curator : Laurence d'Ist

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