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My dreams, 2021 

Dreams, in a Freudian sense, have the function of dispelling fears, anxieties, and frustrations, and also they are an opportunity for the unconscious and repressed impulses to free themselves and express themselves. In Haitian Vodou, dreams can sometimes have interpretations that are similar to Freudian interpretations but they are mainly messages of the protective spirits.

In this video installation, I play on these different aspects of what could be my fears-dreams, frustrations-dreams,

anxiety-dreams, fantasy-dreams, and spirit-dreams. This film is an edit of sequences oscillating between dream fantasies and anguished dreams. It plays on the real-unreal duality, video images shot in real situations or scripted images, and softness-violence. The gentleness of a couple of men dancing inside a dilapidated space like this gentleness or humanity that we meet in destroyed places in Haiti.


The anguish when we actually live in Haiti to find ourselves in front of bandits, kidnapped, or simply finding themselves in their way is also shown through images of violence and shooting. The population of deprived neighborhoods itself, suffering from starvation, manifesting for a vital minimum of the state and repressed by the forces of law and order, is a constant preoccupation of my work.

Are earthquakes a manageable natural disaster or will they make the people die because of a lack of state structure?


Notes played on the keyboard by my mother require a little healing to this suffering

Made in collaboration with Steeven Labady, Rudlem Basile, Jean Junior Valbrun, and Micheline Laudun Denis

My dreams, video installation at Colorado Fine Arts Center   From November 2022 to January 2023.
Presented in 4 Channels video Installation.   Photos: Christian Valvano 

My dreams, video installation at the Festival Objectif Video Nice 2021 

In December 2021 I showed this work as a multitrack video installation of 7 channels designed for a room of the Hotel Windsor in Nice.

This work garnered first prize at the Objectif Vidéo Nice festival
Excerpt from the movie My dreams
Excerpt from a movie of the installation multi layers of news about Haiti in 2021
This project was supported by 
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